How to Create a Strong MLS Listing

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Make the most of your listing with professional media.

According to research recently published by NAR, using a professional real estate agent that markets your Lexington, SC listing on the MLS just makes sense. Specifically, making sure that the listing is well represented on the MLS significantly impacts the sales price.

What The Data Says

In the research cited above, NAR analyzed just under half a million sales records from the past two years, and came to the conclusion that those listings that were represented on the MLS sold for 17% more than listings that were not. The study refutes the commonly held belief that owners can save money by going FSBO or selling with an agent outside of the MLS (such as in “office exclusive” listings).

How To Best Show Your Listing

In order to make the most of your listing’s presence on the MLS, it should be represented by the best quality listing materials. Using our industry-best listing photography, property tour videos, aerial photography, and advanced editing techniques will help to ensure that the property sells quickly and for top dollar. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.



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