5 Free Marketing Tools For Realtors

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Running a business is hard work and when you first get started it is even harder. You are trying to do a hundred different things on a limited budget and resources. We know we have been there. Whether it was trying to send emails or design your next postcard it was a challenge finding good, reliable tools that work. This is the same for realtors, regardless if you are new or a seasoned veteran. But there are some really good (and free) tools out there that can really help you market to potential clients. Here is our list of the top five marketing tools for Realtors.


We love CANVA and its easy to use online interface. Designing anything from a social post, postcard, logo or letterhead is easy. Canva also has thousands of free templates to help get you started and lets you download in multiple different formats which is handy if plan on using your media across multiple channels. So next time you are looking to design a home flyer check out CANVA.


Email marketing is a must-do for any business. While there is plenty of email services out there, we really love Mailchimp for ease of use, list tagging, and integrations. The free version of Mailchimp allows you to have 2000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails per month. With that number of free subscribers and emails, you can grow with Mailchimp for quite some time. It is also super easy to use, with plenty of templates and design features to make your email look professional. Best of all there is a hefty set of integrations to further power your synchronization and automation. It’s a great way to nurture your list with newsletters that deliver valuable content.


We truly are in the digital age and the old school way of capturing leads via pen and paper is no longer viable. Your leads need to flow into a sheet where you can filter, target, and track actions against each entry. With Google Forms, you can do that. Google Forms is a light form creator that you can share via email, direct URL, or embedded on your site. It automatically saves entries to Google sheets which means all the data is in an editable format for you to take action on. Best of all with a simple free add-on you can send out confirmation emails to respondents. Give it try on your next open house and impress shoppers with your digital skills!


Business moves fast and your clients even faster. You need a way to stay in touch with what your clients are thinking and which way the market is trending. Yes, there is lots of free research out there on the real estate industry. But what if you could provide microdata and trends for your community? Now that is a way to set yourself apart from your peers. Survey Monkey’s basic plan is free and offers unlimited surveys (up to 10 questions), the only downside is that you are limited to viewing only 100 of the responses. Still, 100 insights are better than none.


As you start to stand up various business tools you will quickly notice that while they each serve their purpose, managing each one starts to take up your time. With Zapier you can easily add some system integrations to save you time. On the free version, you get five free zaps (integrations). You can connect Instagram to share posts on Facebook automatically or tweet after someone follows you on Twitter.

We hope that you try some of these tools as you grow your real estate business in Columbia, SC. These tools have been very useful for us. If you have other tools that you would recommend we are always open to learning about new tools.



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