Are Your Listing Photos Going to Get You Fired?

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I recently worked with an agent that took over an existing listing in the Lexington, SC area because the prior listing agent was fired. While there were other reasons the agent was fired, the primary reason was because of poor-quality listing photos. The prior listing agent did what many agents do – grabbed their smartphone, snapped some pics and posted them on the MLS – and they did not look good.

But there is much more to the story than poor-quality photos. Many agents don’t appreciate the value of using a professional real estate photographer since a picture is just a picture, right?

WRONG. There are several elements a professional photographer can bring to the table that can keep you from getting fired because of poor photos:

1. Professional-Grade: High-resolution professional photos provide the detail and clarity that your listing deserves, above and beyond the 1-5MB photo size a smartphone can produce.

2. Telling the Story: The right photographer can help you tell the story of the listing including highlighting strengths and downplaying weaknesses. If the kitchen is a strong selling point, highlighting it with stand-alone lighting and the right angles will help you tell the story.

3. Post-Photo Editing: Professional with experience and technical skill can turn dark skies blue, blend several images together, provide crystal-clear views out of windows, and much more.

4. Staging: One of the worst things you can do as a listing agent is to take your own photos after a professional home stager has prepped the home. You invested the money in staging, why not bring-out the best of their work?

When you’ve worked hard and spent your own money marketing yourself, don’t lose your hard-earned listings because of poor photos. Ready to book a shoot online? Click Here



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