3 Tips to Sell Your Listing Faster

Real estate agent holding a key and asking costumer for contract to buy, get insurance or loan real estate or property.

Being a real estate agent in the Columbia, SC area is not easy. On one hand, you face cutthroat competition from other realtors, while on the other hand you are under pressure to sell your listings in a fast and smooth manner. Clients have become impatient and they want their homes to sell as quickly as possible. Here are 3 tips to make sure your listings do not stay longer than anticipated on the market.

1. Get maximum exposure for your listings
It is like the visibility of your blog or website, until you make sure your listing is seen by a large number of buyers, you cannot expect offers from prospective buyers for your listings. More than 90% of homebuyers today start their search for a home via the internet. You must use multiple real estate services to make sure they get a high degree of exposure, which gives you an edge over other realtors as your listings are seen by a large number of prospective buyers. TIPS: Use the new Zillow Walkthrough technology, Canva.com for free ad designs and your personal Social Media to help spread the word about your listing!

2. Attract buyers with beautiful images and videos
It comes as no surprise that most buyers ignore listings with dull or dark photos. They do not bother to read their descriptions and they skip to those that have beautiful and sharp images. No matter how good a property, you will find very few takers if you do not pay attention to its marketing via photos and videos. Sharp and beautiful photos highlighting the features of a property catch the attention of the buyers. Videos providing virtual tours of the property are also becoming popular among realtors. Some are hiring the services of professional photographers to get videos of properties captured with drones.

3. Make your descriptions spicy
Like the content on any website, descriptions about properties make a lot of difference for the buyers. You can compel a prospective buyer to shortlist your property by including keywords that they have been searching for in their dream property descriptions should be short but should tell a lot to the audience. It should be able to ignite his passion and trigger his imagination. You may not know this but most buyers click on same listings again and again, hoping to come across something that might tilt the decision in their favor. Use your descriptions to highlight points that you believe will be of interest to the buyers.



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