Leveraging the Potential of Social Media as a Realtor


Most people first get information about products and services on the internet today before searching for them in the market. They do the same when they decide to buy a home. It is, therefore, a good thing for you if you have listed all your properties on realty websites along with your own site. But how do people come to know about you and the properties that you want to show them? This is where the power of social media comes in. Almost all men and women today are on Facebook, and a vast majority of them also use Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Do you get the connection between the two points? You have to make yourself visible and known before you can expect prospective customers to reach your properties. Market yourself before you market your properties. Here are a few ways you can leverage the power of social media to become popular among your clients.

1. Get exponential exposure for yourself through social media
Depending upon your target group of customers, you can choose the social networking site to let them know about you. Making an account on all social media sites is not necessary. Choose the relevant ones and then follow the content strategy to woo the target audience.

2. Do not rely on organic searches alone
Of course, people will come looking for your properties but only at a much later stage. Meanwhile, catch the attention of your target audience by spending money on Facebook ads. Google follows people based upon their search history and these ads will follow people when they are interested in buying a home.

3. Do something to hold their attention
Now that your Facebook ad is being shown to someone interested in buying a home, how do you compel him to look at your ad and click on it? Well, you need to catch attention using different methods like bright images, capturing real estate videos, offers or discounts, and so on. Make sure there is something interesting for the reader to spend some time on it.

4. Check your competitors and learn from them
You are not the first realtor to be on social media. Nearly everyone is trying to reach out to his target audience using social media. See what your competitors are doing and map out your own differentiating strategy offering statistics and market reports and even showing beautiful family photos to show a more personal side.

5. Be short and to the point
Your audience does not have the luxury to spend a lot of time on what you have to tell them. Be short, to the point, and crisp. It’s quite refreshing when a property description is just quick bullet points and not a novel.

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