4 Benefits of Professional Photography

Empty road at building exterior

1. Quality photography makes for a crucial first impression.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. This is especially true for visual marketing.

Before prospective tenants schedule a tour, they are likely to search for the property online. How do you want your prospects to react to your listing? Think about the last time you landed on an outdated website or a listing with poor quality photos (or worse, no photos at all). What was your immediate impression? Did you move on to something better? (You might have forgotten about it already!)

For your property to be taken seriously and make a positive impression on potential buyers, up-to-date, high-quality photographs are crucial.

2. Striking photography will impress and excite potential tenants.

Humans are visual animals. Whether you’re browsing the web for a new pair of shoes or searching office listings for commercial real estate, your enduring judgment in any decision-making process online is made in the photography. According to The Wall Street Journal, buyers spend 60% of their time on a property page looking at the listing’s photos.

If you lack strong, positive images of your property, you could lose out big-time as potential tenants’ attentions are drawn to more attractive listings. Why lose out to competitors simply because they leverage the value of professional photography?

3. Professional photos will impress current tenants/clients.

If you’re a property manager in the Columbia, SC area, you are already showing your tenants and clients how much you appreciate their business by giving them your attention and care when they’re in need of help. You wouldn’t harm their image by letting old paint flake off the walls in their office, so why would you harm their image by showcasing unflattering, outdated images of their space?

Appearances are an essential part of the equation when representing tenants. Do your tenants a favor and show them not only that your management company is competent and responsible, but that you care about the appearance of their property as well.

4. Your property will get more views and shares.

If potential tenants/buyers are captivated by visually pleasing photos, they are much more likely to click on the listing due to visual interest. Photos with the right elements of composition create interest by leading the viewer’s eye around the image, resulting in more time examining. (This has been proven scientifically!)



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