Cute dog Jack Russell Terrier peeking out from under blankets on a white bed.

Skyline Pictures prides itself on making your experience as easy as possible. That being said, when a pet lives at your listing, there are a few simple extra steps that can be taken to make sure that you end up with the best possible marketing materials.

1. Inform us beforehand

We are happy to work around pets! It is, however, helpful for us to know if a dog or cat will be present. We will then make sure that our photographer knows, and they will make whatever accommodations or adjustments that are needed.

2. Have them contained

Whether they are in a crate or confined to a room that can be skipped in photographs, it is safer and less stressful for pets to be contained.

3. Put away toys, bowls, litter boxes, etc.

As with any clutter, these items should be put away during photography. Minimizing the number of items out will help to provide a tidy appearance in your listing media.

4. Clean up any hair, messes, carpet stains, etc.

Ideally, a house should be totally cleaned before listing photography. Visible pet hair, messes in the house, carpet stains, etc. will affect the look of your listing photos, and they could be off-putting to some buyers. For pets in aquariums or terrariums, make sure the enclosure is cleaned and orderly.

5. Repair or touch up any damage to floors, doors, furniture, yard, etc.

Small damage that sometimes happens due to pets can be distracting to buyers who are looking at listing photos. Ensure that any needed repairs or clean-up, indoors and out, are taken care of prior to your appointment.

To see the latest examples of our work and some galleries of our favorite shoots in the Columbia, SC area, please take a look at our Instagram @SkylinePicturesLLC. For additional information on real estate photography, a full list of our services, and to book your next appointment, please visit our website.


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