Bring Your Listings a Level of Quality Flying High Above the Rest

Drone usage in private property protection or real estate inspection

We hear about drones for delivery, drones for fun, and drones for the military. However, have you heard about professional drone photos and videos for the sale of real estate? It’s a real thing. When you mix professional real estate photography, videography, and a licensed expert drone pilot, you get the opportunity to give that extra something to your real estate listings. With an aerial video, your home or property can be shown like a scene from a movie. Spectacular sky view photos can also be taken for marketing material and online listing sites.


Bird’s Eye Views

Drone videos and photos create a clear view that is sharper than Google Map’s satellite imagery. While these are already available on many sale listing websites, those views don’t do the area justice. Adding a realistic bird’s eye view with photos and videos to all your posted listings and marketing brochures increases the buyer’s interest.

There’s no need to purchase a pricey drone, the pilots are skilled to operate the remote control drone, and are ready to help your listings get the “views” they need. Drone fliers strictly use proper drone etiquette and guidelines. The images and videos produced with the drones can give your home or building an exquisite appeal from the sky down! It can even add the Columbia, SC area’s highlights nearby, like the lakes, rivers, land, or a fun bustling city. Clients can see how close the property is to nature’s beauty or fun city life.


Quality Marketing Helps Brokers Too!

Real estate brokers send advertising postcards to locals and give marketing brochures to possible buyers. These marketing materials can include drone view photography of properties. When potential customers see these property advertisements, they’ll also see that this broker goes above and beyond to market a property. The brochures can also entice potential future clients, or give an extra reason why someone may want to share the broker’s information. Increasing noticeability means more clients!


It’s Evident that Drone Photography and Videos Help Listings Sell!

Clients have experienced their property getting sold quicker due to the ability to show off more of the surrounding area around properties. It’s helpful that the aerial view brings awareness to an area that may not be a commonly known place. In any case, the sky views are valuable in the display of surrounding landscape, or streets, not merely the property itself. This helps a buyer consider what life may be like in the Lexington area, or if a building is in a good location for their business.



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