Coronavirus Fears Turn Real Estate Open Houses Into Virtual Tours


If one door closes, another one opens – and prospective home buyers won’t even have to touch the door knob. As COVID-19 sweeps across South Carolina, more real estate agents are switching to virtual tours as their in-person open house tours cancel or are discouraged to be held. Homeowners in the market to try and sell their homes have been rolling up the welcome mat since the fears of COVID-19 have become more prevalent. While their industry depends on getting potential buyers in the door, brokers can’t be so welcoming now. As an alternative to in-person viewings, some agents are turning to tech, offering buyers virtual tours. We may not be able to leave our homes, but we can shop for new homes virtually. Real estate agents said, thanks to video tours, drones and photography, people are still touring houses, even during the coronavirus lockdown.

Adding virtual video tours to your listing is imperative during this time, but is also a great addition to any listing any time. This technology is excellent for high net-worth customers who want to buy expensive property from a foreign country or remote location. Buyers can see bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and patios, giving them a clear view of each part of the home. Virtual tours also save your time and effort. Instead of staging a time-consuming and strenuous open house event, a virtual tour remains permanently open for anyone who wants to visit. This saves you the time and resources you would otherwise spend scheduling an open house, keeping contacts and staying at the site while many who will never buy just come in to ask questions. Another reason it’s a good idea to have a virtual tour on all of your listings is they hold your potential buyers interest for a long time. Unlike plain text or still images, virtual tours can keep the viewer glued to your website for up to an hour. As they explore each room, it’s easier for them to dream about buying and living in the house.

At Skyline Pictures, we are still currently shooting real estate videos in the Midlands area. We are also taking all proper precautions while shooting a session with the proper personal protective equipment and sanitizing agents we bring on site. Schedule a session with us today on our website.



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