The Importance of Photography to Your Airbnb Listing

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Your Airbnb rental in Columbia, SC: it’s a property you’re proud of. You’ve worked hard on it, and you want other people to come and enjoy it. So, what’s the best way to let Airbnb shoppers know about your fabulous rental? The answer is simple: hire a great Airbnb photographer.

Much like hiring a professional real estate photographer to help lower your days on the market, an experienced Airbnb photographer can help generate a 40% increase in earnings, a whopping 24% more bookings, and even a 26% increase in your nightly price. Hands down – quality photography and a solid digital social media marketing plan can provide a rapid ROI and a long-lasting stream of revenue from your Airbnb listings .

A professional Airbnb photography marketing company can help with:

Saving time
Selling more consistently
Selling your rental property listings faster
Professional photography and industry knowledge
Generating leads
Increasing property value
Social media and online list marketing
Creation of online brochures
Commanding higher rental pricing
Attracting new clients

How Can a Photography Company Help Me Close Deals Faster?

Redfin found that professionally shot photos resulted in 61% more views. Whether you’re trying to promote your first Airbnb or you have 10 beautiful rentals and are trying to connect with customers looking for short term rentals – a professional photographer can help in creating the value your buyers are seeking through:

Unique and expert photography
Aerial Drone shoots
Drone Photography
Twilight Photography
Photo editing
Online marketing expertise
Helping to build your brand

A reputable photography company has the digital tools necessary to help promote real estate listings and Airbnb rental properties. The more you can project a feeling of home ownership or the ability to help a buyer envision their vacation at the property – the closer you can get to a signed contract. Skyline Pictures can help in meeting your goals. A company that can provide the photography expertise and the know-how to develop an online marketing plan is the best bet to maximize your return-on-investment.

When hiring a professional photographer to shoot your listing you can expect the following benefits:

Showcase your property in the best possible light
Attract more customers to your listing
Make your listing more competitive
Demonstrate the unique aspects of your property

According to a 2016 study of more than 100K listings, showcasing and marketing properties with the help of an experienced photography company can have a positive effect on nightly property rates while still enjoying an upward trend in bookings.

What Does an Airbnb Photographer Do?

If you’re already managing an Airbnb account you’ve probably already read that you should take the time to upload quality photographs. Attention-grabbing photographs are paramount in maximizing the views your listing receives on the Airbnb website or numerous others. While you can shoot your property with a simple iPhone camera it’s always recommended to leave photography to the experts when marketing your valuable property. Airbnb proclaims on their website, “ Upload high-quality photos are the guest’s first impression of your space on the search results page.” You’ll only have to shoot your property once every so often (maybe only once every 10 years!) and the investment will be worth the money. A professional Airbnb Photographer with experience will have:

Special lenses
Lighting equipment
Editing software
Creating the perfect composition
Drone and 3D virtual tour services
The expertise to accentuate property features, layouts, rooms, etc.
Staging and “virtual” staging options

Airbnb photographers are specially-trained in property rental photography and have a deep understanding of what it takes to draw people to your listings. A photographer specializing in Airbnb properties will shoot photos that resonate with your style and that will capture attention. The result is a beautiful, professional-looking listing that speaks for itself.




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