Top 4 Things Realtors Need to Know About Photography


In today’s real estate market, having professional real estate pictures is one of the most, if not the most important investment a realtor can make when preparing a house to go on the market. Long gone are the days of taking a point and shoot camera to a client’s home and clicking a few photos to post on some flyers. It takes much more than that to grab potential buyer’s attention. The right pictures can sell a house faster and for more profit. So, what should a realtor look for in a photograph? There is more to it than you may think. Here are 4 things every realtor needs to know about photography.

1. A property photo is the first thing a potential buyer sees
Most potential home buyers start their search on their own. With a number of websites that allow buyers to view homes online, it is easy to narrow down their list of potential homes without leaving their couch. The first impression of the house will be the photos they see of it online. It is crucial to have a good quality photo as the thumbnail of your listing as it is the first photo buyers see. It needs to grab their attention, display the assets of the home, and entice the buyer to view more about the house. A bad photo can turn a buyer away without a second glance.

2. There is a lot that goes into taking a good photo!
Photography is an art that takes more than just a good eye to get right. Proper staging, the ability to remove distractions, the right lighting, capturing the correct dimensions of a room and being able to showcase a home’s features are just some of the aspects that go into a good photo.

3. The right photographer knows how to do more than just take photos
Knowing how to take a good photo is only half the battle. 2D photos are not enough for today’s buyers. They want more. A professional photographer may use drones, 3D walkthroughs and virtual staging to capture the right “feel” of a home. It is important to find a photographer who offers all of these services as these tools will help make your listing stand out.

4. Good photos help the realtor get more business!
As a realtor, your listing will attract more than just potential buyers, but potential sellers as well. Neighbors will pay close attention to how a home in their neighborhood is presented, and most importantly how fast and much it sells for. Impressing them with your work will only get you more clients in the long run. Make sure it stands out with the proper exposure.

The proper use of technology and artistry will make your home inviting and help them picture themselves living there. As a realtor, you have the choice of trying to take your own photos or trusting a professional real estate photographer who can make your listing stand out amongst the rest. If you are a realtor in the Lexington, Columbia, Chapin, Gilbert, Irmo or West Columbia area, you know who to call when the time is right!



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