Why We Shoot HDR for Real Estate Photography

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At Skyline Pictures, we use state of the art HDR imaging technology to enhance the real estate photography experience. HDR photography has several benefits for us, which in turn benefits you.

Why We Shoot In HDR

Shooting in HDR allows us to quickly move through your house, capturing photos of every angle.

It also allows us to use natural light so you don’t pay for expensive lighting setups that take time to set up and cost you extra money.

More Bang For Your Buck!

Using HDR in the end, what you get are real looking natural images, at wide angles that give you the maximum quality and bang for your buck.

Most importantly your listings will get more views, more showings, and most importantly – more offers!


What to expect after setting up your appointment:

  • Shooting time is about one hour
  • Photos are delivered within 24 hours.
  • Post your listing and prepare for offers.

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