Must Have’s for Real Estate Ads and Brochures

what to put in your real estate brochure

Even in this hot real estate market, selling your home requires a bit of marketing effort. Ads and brochures are important and powerful tools. So, what do you put in your marketing materials?


To the degree possible include key information in your ad or brochure. A classified ad will contain less than a poster, which will contain less than a brochure, which may contain less than an Internet listing, etc. The key, however, is to make sure each medium contains maximum information and minimum fluff.

In general, people want to know what type of home is being offered (single-family house, townhouse, condo, etc.), how many bedrooms and baths it has, its general location, and the price. Obviously, you also need to include contact information so potential buyers know how to reach you.

If you have space, a good tactic is to describe the characteristics of the house that lead you to originally purchase it.

1. Was it the location?

2. A beautiful view?

3. Neighborhood charm?

4. A school district you were seeking out?

5. Lots of storage?

6. Garage spaces for 3 cars?

7. High ceilings?

8. The style of architecture?

9. Large entertainment areas?

10. A beautiful garden?

Don’t be shy. Mention the best features to set your home apart from others for sale.

A note of caution is called for here. When you mention your home’s best features, don’t overstate them. If your potential buyer’s first emotion on actually seeing your property is a disappointment, there really isn’t much potential for a sale to that person. With that in mind, I wouldn’t refer to a house with a garden that backed to a small farm pond as a waterfront property, nor would I call a small, city apartment with windows on an air shaft a spacious city abode with sunny views.


Include color photos of your home whenever possible. When selling real estate, a picture really can be worth a thousand words. This is your most powerful marketing tool, so be sure to have good photos.

Keep in mind the photographs will give a potential buyer the first impression of your home. Because online buyers will give your listing roughly 20 seconds to catch their interest, you’ll want to make sure your photos are attractive. Entrepreneur.com writer Mohan Kailas states, “Successful real estate is often the product of great photography.” With so much on the line with your listing photos, we recommend hiring a professional real estate photographer.

At Skyline Pictures, we make it easy to get professional real estate photos. Our process is built on speed and quality to give you the best home photos that sell your home fast! Take a look at our website for more information.

Obviously, marketing is one of the key factors in selling a home. With professional real estate photos and creative written content, buyers will flock to your home! If you’re looking for a real estate photographer in Columbia, SC call 803-393-2020 today.re



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