The Importance of Real Estate Photography for Commercial Properties

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Have you considered using Real Estate Photography for your commercial real estate properties? The solid first impression made by outstanding professional photography is a highly valuable asset. Professional photography can be implemented across all your marketing materials. These materials include brochures, social media templates, property websites, postcards, and online listings to email blasts, and more.

If you’re the owner of commercial property for sale/rent, real estate photography is a must. By having someone who knows how to make properties look impressive, you have a better chance of attracting more potential clients and tenants. The main key in getting a property seen online is by having commercial real estate photos that stand out.

When it comes to online promoting, the first impression a company makes on a client is the most important. For example, before clients take a tour of a commercial property, they will most likely search the property online by checking it using a property website. Low quality and outdated online property photos create a negative idea of the complex according to the potential clients and tenants. Unless the photos are of high quality, up-to-date, and have unique angles that will have the potential clients a lasting impression.

The importance of Real Estate Photography for Commercial Properties.

Quality photography for the first impression
You’ve surely heard the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. This is especially true for visual marketing. Before potential tenants schedule a tour, they are likely to look for the property online using available marketing materials. How do you want your potential client to react to your listing? In this note, think about the last time you landed on an outdated social media template and website or a listing with poor quality marketing material like photos (or worse, no photos at all). What was your immediate impression? Did you move on to something better? (You might have forgotten about it already!)

Striking photography will impress the potential clients
Secondly, humans are visual animals. Therefore, your enduring judgment in any decision-making process online is made in photography. According to The Wall Street Journal, buyers spend 60% of their time on a property page looking at the listing’s photos.

Professional photos will impress current clients
If you’re a commercial property owner/manager, you are already letting people/clients know how much you appreciate their business by giving them your full attention and care. You wouldn’t harm their image by letting old paint flake off the walls in their office. Therefore, why would you harm their image by showcasing unflattering, outdated images of their space?

In addition, appearances are an essential part of the equation when approaching people and clients. Do your tenants a favor and make them feel that your management company is competent and responsible. Also, let them know that you care about the appearance of their property as well.

Your property will get more views and shares
If potential tenants/clients are attracted by visually pleasing photos, they are much more likely to view the listing. Photos with the right elements of composition create interest by leading the viewer’s eye around the image. This can result in more and more potential clients. (This has been proven scientifically!)

Marketing with Real Estate Photography
Generally, one of the number one sayings in the real estate business is you have to spend money to make money. Therefore, that saying is completely accurate when hiring a real estate professional photographer. According to Forbes Magazine, high-quality images for commercial photography will bring in new tenants and clients and many companies have seen immediate positive responses after hiring a professional photographer. Working with a professional photographer in commercial real estate is not an extra expense, it is a smart investment.

With online marketing being such a big part of business and commercial real estate in this day and age, providing strong images using any marketing materials like Video Tour, Twilight photo, Aerial photography and Social Media is a must in order to gain new tenants and clients(According to NAR). To compete in cities like Miami, it is crucial to provide current, high-quality photos made by professional real estate photographers. Additionally, people with high standard skills in editing can also enhance these photos.

Real Estate Photography at Skyline Photography
In conclusion, Real Estate Photography for Commercial Properties differs from basic real estate photography a lot, it includes interior and exterior pictures of the property area, a street view, video tours as well as aerial photography. The only difference is in the place where these photos are used. Commercial real estate photography is divided into:

• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Communities & Organizations
• Doctors’ offices
• Salons and spas
• Public places
• Shops & Malls & Supermarkets and many more.

We at Skyline Pictures bring all of these services in one. Our area of service for real estate photography includes Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, Chapin, Gilbert, Newberry, and the surrounding areas in South Carolina. In addition, we are also available to assist outside this geographical area for a travel fee. If you have considered that real estate photography could help you, call us at the phone number on our website.



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