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It is no secret that COVID has changed the way we live in our homes. As a result, we are reshaping our homes to accommodate our new normal, and our photographers have taken note. Throughout the many homes they shoot, these are the five biggest trends they are now seeing.

1. Home offices/teaching areas with Zoom-friendly backgrounds

As the world went into quarantine, many people had to scramble to figure out how to work remotely and help their children learn from home. As such, our photographers are seeing a ton of home offices and home learning spaces.

2. Wellness and relaxation spaces (candles, diffusers, yoga mats, etc.)

Likely to combat this stressful time, our team has noticed that a lot of homeowners have set up relaxation and self-care areas in their own homes.

3. New outdoor furniture, gardens, grills, and firepits (lavish outdoor spaces)

With public gatherings discouraged, homeowners appear to be putting more time and energy into making their slice of the outdoors as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

4. Garages converted into gyms

With gyms closed, our photographers have been noticing a lot more home workout equipment. They have, also, noticed a ton of garages converted into well-appointed home gyms.

5. Bold colors and prints

Many of the homes we have photographed recently are decorated with bold colors and patterns. Whether a design trend or homeowners’ attempts to give a fun facelift to the space they have been stuck in for so long, we love seeing all the interesting ways people are decorating their homes.

It’s probable that many of these trends are fueled by the shifts that have occurred due to COVID, but many appear to be here to stay. Whatever the cause, these interesting trends seem to be everywhere. For additional information on real estate photography, a full list of our services, and to book your next appointment, please visit our website.



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