6 Little-Known Secrets About Real Estate Photos

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For most agents, listing photos are just photos. They let the home build an emotional connection with prospective buyers during in-person showings.

In other words, they’re experts on the in-person selling.

But what if this strategy is leaving countless dollars on the table? What if potential buyers are missing out on your listing because they passed right over it online? Use this quick article to see how professional real estate photography can help you sell more homes.

How Professional Real Estate Photography Boosts Agent Success

1. On Average 32% Faster Home Sale

Don’t you wish you could schedule fewer showings, take fewer calls, and impress your clients with a faster home sale? Well, it turns out that’s a proven benefit to hiring a professional photographer for your listing photos.

According to a study of real estate sales by VHT Studios, agents who use professional real estate photographs sell listed homes 32% faster than all other listings. You’ve just magically cut your current workload by almost a third!

2. Noticeably Higher Sale Price

Getting the absolute highest selling price may not be the biggest concern for you, but it definitely can’t hurt. An additional $10,000 might only net you $150 before tax. This is assuming a 3% seller commission and a 50% split with the broker. However, stay with me for a minute here.

RedFin conducted a study that outright proved homes between $200k-$800k with professional listing photos sold for between $934-$18,819 more than other listings. The astonishing part is that the number goes up to $118,000 more for homes over $1M. Although sale price may not be your biggest concern, it’ll sure as heck make your clients happy! (and requires no extra work on your part!)

3. Higher Perceived Home Value

People tend to make their decision on a home within the first 20 seconds of seeing the photos. This is especially the case with the rise of the internet lately.

Homes with professional listing photos have been shown to get 118% more views and create the first stages (in some cases the entire process) of the emotional connection to the home. It’s not unheard of to see buyers making offers solely based on the photos. Remember, shoppers are pulling the photos up online again and again during the shopping process, so you’ll want to make sure they look perfect.

4. Better Agent Brand Image

You already know that real estate agents are independent sales and marketing companies. It’s important to treat your business as such.

The biggest advantage to you when consistently using a professional photographer is improved brand image. Very few million-dollar homes are listed with agents that only have a track record of $100k properties. Professional photos say a thousand words about the home and yourself.

5. Get More Listings

Don’t like cold calling leads? Well, you may be able to stop for good.

Smart home sellers look up their agent’s other listings before committing to working with them. Only about 50% of agents are using professional photographers meaning when sellers are comparing agents you will have an unfair advantage.

6. Earn 2x Agents With Amateur Images

Inman published an article with a study that stated with certainty that agents who always hire a professional photographer earn twice as much commission as those who don’t. For such a small investment, that’s a quite sizable return.

At the end of the day, if you really want to succeed in real estate in Columbia, SC, you’ll need a good photographer on your team.



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